Monthly Archives: December 2005


Dear you, my charred star – sparkly,
Who once came in the gloaming beauty.
Guised in angle’s breeze, so gently,
Along with the wind, merry march briskly.

Your nature’s ignorance was free and easy,
Bore yourself peacefully, calmy and drowsy,
Sparkled like a fairy – so ritzy and dressy,
Swapping my mind with a world of a living fantasy.

Once we took to the floor,
Went fancy and begin to dance show.
You fluttering like a flower in the row,
Shaking, trembling and jigging on the down low.

We boogied away as a happy stupor,
Hopping, jumping on colours of the rainbow.

But then I heard you mourn in gruff,
While I still keeping you huff and puff.
Time went on but I only entrapped,
I was stay still and lapping it up.

And when your excuse became more flimsy,
It became a future that I couldn’t foresee.
You know I could’ve stay but it’s not easy,
Deeply in love but I only felt lousy.

So sorry, I haven’t say good bye,
Now you are gone, but the story is stay.
Like the stars in the middle of the day,
Keep on flying in the day’s bright sky.